What's going on right now in the club....

Our group rides restarted on Sunday 4 April (see the calendar below). Please do visit for news as things ease up. If you can't join a group ride, please do use the routes available here for riding on your own or with your family.

HCC runs a Sunday ride starting from The George Inn, Hadleigh High Streeet, at 8 am (summer schedule), weather permitting and unless otherwise notified. This will generally be at around 15-16mph, and cover 35-40 miles. There is now a second, slower ride at 9:30am from the George which will be nearer 14mph and 25-30 miles. On Wednesdays, there is a ladies-only ride leaving from the High School at 6pm and riding for an hour to an hour and a half at the speed of the slowest rider. All of our official rides are 'no drop', however occasionally additional faster rides may be organised by members on a more cut-throat basis! All HCC rides conform to our Code of Conduct.