What's going on right now in the club....

HCC is currently riding to our Spring schedule, which is a single 'no-drop' ride at 9:00am from The George. Depending on the abilities of those who turn up, the ride will be between 14 and 15 mph and ride for around 30-35 miles. However, if you're at all concerned that this is a bit much, please contact us beforehand and we'll either modify the main ride or try and put on a subsidiary ride to suit. Our aim is to get you riding, not to intimidate!


There may sometimes be an earlier, faster, ride from The George Inn, Hadleigh High Street, at 8 am, weather permitting. This will generally be at around 15-16mph, and cover 35-40 miles. There may also be slower ride at 10 am from the George wsubject to interest and availability of leaders. On Wednesdays (from sometime in May), there will be a primarily-ladies ride leaving from the High School at 6pm and riding for an hour to an hour and a half at the speed of the slowest rider. This is very much aimed at those who are coming back to cycling and want to get their confidence on a gentle ride with no expectation of being fast or knowledgeable!


All of our official rides are 'no drop', however occasionally additional faster or slower rides may be organised via Spond by members on an ad-hoc basis. All HCC rides conform to our Code of Conduct.