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Hadleigh Cycling Club Data Protection Policy

Hadleigh Cycling Club is committed to transparency and cooperation. Inevitably, we hold data about our members and this document explains how we do that, what we do with the data and how you can access the information we hold about you and have it deleted if you wish.

Data Controller

The Membership Secretary is the overall Data Controller. Any questions about HCC's data or data policy should be directed to the Membership Secretary.

How We Use Your Data

When you join the Club, you give us data which includes your name, date of birth, contact details, consent to use your image in our Club publicity, and anything else you think we should know. HCC uses that data to administrate the Club's membership finances, to make contact with you from time to time about events and things of interest, to manage our events, and to understand any special considerations we may need to be aware of for you or your children. We also hold your consent for you or your children to take part in HCC activities and to be recorded taking part in our activities for our own publicity. We do not share your data outside the Club unless required to do so by Law.

We use the company Spond to hold and manipulate your data, and to manage your membership fees and transactions. Their explanation of how they use your data is here. From that page you can access their full Privacy Policy. You can access much of the data held on you via your Profile on the Spond App. If you wish to change any of your data (address, phone number etc) or change your consent status, please contact the Membership Secretary via Spond or email. The Membership Secretary is currently Tim Collins.

Deleting Your Data

If you choose to leave the Club by not renewing your membership, your data will be deleted completely within one month of the end of the membership renewal window, which is normally March of each year. If you wish to leave and have your data deleted immediately, this can be done by directly contacting the Membership Secretary via the Spond App or via email.

Childrens' Data

If you are the guardian of children who are members of the Club, you will have the same access as a regular adult member, including in the Spond App. Your contact in the first instance for any data concerns about your children should be the Committee Member responsible for the Junior Club, currently Benson Ho. If you simply want to change the data we have recorded, such as your contact details, please let the Membership Secretary know.

The key to data protection is to be aware of what you have told us and to know how you can access and manage that information. If you are at all unsure, please contact the Membership Secretary for help.



Updated November 2023

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