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HCC Women's Page


HCC is delighted to welcome women who already enjoy cycling as well as those who would like to try it to gain in confidence and fitness. In our experience cycling is a safe activity for everyone and promoting safe cycling is a core aim of the club. We are aware that cycling is perceived as male-biased, and we want to change that balance.

We believe HCC stands out as a club that supports women as seen by:

  • the number of women cycling in and around Hadleigh

  • the strong presence of women on the HCC committee and the discussions that take place there

  • the personal support and welcome given by the men on rides and on the committee 


In addition we are pro-actively supporting women cyclists by:

  • running coaching events and organised rides that are inclusive and some that are specifically for women

  • offering a variety of group rides that are led by women riders

  • working to improve cycling facilities in and around Hadleigh 

  • holding sessions on roadside repairs such as changing an inner tube

  • linking with external support through Suffolk’s Women on Wheels events and the British Cycling Breeze programme.


Some interesting Women's cycling links:

Cycling UK's Women's Festival of Cycling 2021

British Cycling's 'One in a Million'

Cycling UK's '100 Women In Cycling 2023'

Calling women cyclists...

For some years Hadleigh Cycling Club ran Get Back on your Bike sessions for women of all ages who want to improve their cycling skills. There has been little demand recently, but if you'd like it to retirn please contact Gale.

“Since we began the sessions, we’ve had a terrific time. Some riders were complete novices when they started, others had simply lost their confidence.  We’ve gone from the playground, to the Railway Walk and onto the road, in 6 weeks. If you are interested in getting back to cycling or improving your skills, please contact Gale on  07811 435883 to find out more."


Friday cycling and coffee (and cake) group (FCC) rides from Hadleigh are running again. Please see our Facebook page for more information.

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