Cycling Working Group

HCC has formed a sub-group to discuss and promote Active Travel within the town and local area. Already, we have secured funding for extra cycle parking in the town, most of which has now been installed. Photos below! We understand that there is a proposal to replace the current temporary cycle parking with permanent facilities - see here.

We have also secured grants from Suffolk County Council and Hadleigh Town Council towards designing and producing a printed cycling map for the town and the local area. This map details official local and national cycling routes, cycling facilities including the above-mentioned parking, and suggested commuting routes. In parallel, we have developed an online resource that will bring together the information from the printed map with the suggested local leisure routes from our Family Routes and Maps pages, and more besides - see here.

If there is any information you would like to see included on these maps, please let us know via the Contact Us form. Equally, if you have suggestions relevant to Active Travel within and around Hadleigh, please let us know.


Quiet Lanes

Suffolk is in the process of adding to its number of Quiet Lanes, which are intended to provide a safer environment for walkers, horse riders and cyclists. Several parishes near to Hadleigh have applied to have Quiet Lane status applied to some of their roads. This piece from ITV details some of the first of the new batch: ITV Anglia piece.

Quiet Lanes will, we hope, be a useful tool in improving the accessibility of cycling as a realistic method of utility transport, and we will be showing them in our upcoming online maps.

Why Active Travel? What's In It For Me?

The following link(s) will give some background as to why Active Travel is good for you, the community and the climate. The list will be curated to provide a changing library.