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Gayford Flyer 2023


For reasons we explained at the time, the 2023 Gayford Flyer was cancelled. Those who would like to ride the route are welcome to download the GPX files from the titles of the illustrations below and ride it individually at any time.

We are going to think carefully about the Gayford Flyer and how we adapt ourselves and the event to make it feasible for us to run it, or something like it, in the future. That's going to be an interesting process.

Lancaster Route: for 2023, this 48.6km (30 mile) route visits Naughton, Wattisham Airfield, Brettenham, Preston St Mary, Chelsworth, Lindsey and Kersey, before returning to the George in Hadleigh.

Spitfire Route: at 60 miles (97 km), our more challenging ride. On top of the Lancaster Route, the Spitfire adds another 48 km via Raydon, Polstead, Stoke-by-Nayland, Higham, Shelley, Raydon airfield, Copdock, Chattisham and back to Hadleigh. For pictures, past and present, of these and other local aviation sites, please visit the Airfield Research Group.

Gayford Flyer 2022.jpg

The organising team of 2021.

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