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About Hadleigh Cycling Club

Formed in 2012, HCC numbers peaked at around 100 members, though it's been somewhat less than that during and since  the 2020/21 Lockdowns. While we don't have a clubhouse or club premises, the George in Hadleigh High Street is our spiritual home!

Our regular rides, which are all weather dependent:

Sunday Social Usually 0800 or 0900: Starting from the George, 30-40 miles at 14-15mph. This is a no-drop ride with a cafe stop, aimed at confident riders. It may include B-Roads and occasional stretches of A-Roads. 'No drop' means the faster riders will wait for slower folk at the top of hills, or if the group gets split. It doesn't mean 'at the pace of the slowest rider'.

Friday Coffee and Cake ride. An informal get-together. Club members can contact Kate Billingham for details via Spond.

Club members can and do organise other rides; for example in the warmer months it's not unusual for there to be a Sunday 'fast ride' at 0600 for those who want to be home for when everyone else gets up. There is also often a Thursday evening ride at a slightly faster pace - around 17mph.

Our rides are notified either by direct contact or by Facebook. We have now largely moved to Spond, which allows all club rides to be administered and communicated on the same platform. We strongly advise all members to add the app to their smartphones

The Junior Club is something we're very proud of, and it's regularly over-subscribed. It takes kids from 6 to 14 and gives them training and entertainment in a safe environment, under the tutelage of British Cycling Coaches, and prepares them for any riding they may later wish to do, including on and off-road competitive cycling.


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