Hadleigh CC 'Just Ride'
Flyer Ad 2022

The Flyer is back! Sunday 11th September. See here for more information and routes. We would love to see you join us - come and explore the Suffolk countryside on a family-friendly route. It starts and finishes (and has a mid-point refreshment stop) at the George in Hadleigh, where you'll be treated to burgers and live entertainment after the ride.The route is subject to revision, so please download it as close to the ride as possible,


Junior Club 2022












Low turnout has forced the curtailment of the Tuesday evening Junior Coaching sessions for 2022.

Building on from last year’s successful experience, HCC was hoping to run a 6-week programme at Colchester’s Northern Gateway facilities from 26th July to 30th August inclusive. However, CNG made a mess of the booking (other descriptions are available), and negotiations have not resulted in any usable programme slots being offered. We are incredibly disappointed at this outcome and can only apologise to our Junior Club members for CNG's failure to honour the booking we had with them. It remains to be seen whether anything will be possible at CNG in 2023.

The Club is currently reassessing its offer for juniors for 2023. and hopes to make an announcement of our proposed programme before too long.






Junior Road Racing Coaching at CNG.jpeg

Summer Rides and Events 2022

Now the clocks have gone forward and there is much more daylight available, rides are beginning to be more frequent. Hadleigh Cycling Club's programme includes the following regular rides. However, not all rides are run every week and it's essential to check Spond and/or Facebook for confirmation that the ride you may be interested in is actually running:

Sundays: the Club's main social ride is usually at 0900 (but sometimes earlier) each Sunday from The George Inn, High Street, Hadleigh. This ride is normally about 30 to 40 miles at a speed of approximately 15 mph, depending on the preferences of the ride leader and the capabilities of the group. Our rides are 'no-drop'. That means you won't be left behind (unless you choose to be), but the group may split into smaller groups of different speeds if that makes it easier to handle.

It is often the case that faster riders will add some miles before or after the main ride to achieve their distance targets. Please, if you intend to do this, share that via Spond or Facebook so that others may join you.

Occasionally a second ride is offered on a Sunday; details will be posted on Facebook and Spond.

Tuesdays: It had been hoped that HCC would be able to offer a Junior coaching session and an adults' free ride at Colchester Northern Gateway. However, as explained above, CNG have destroyed those hopes.

Wednesdays: the 6pm very gentle ride of an hour or so for those just getting back to riding is back! Keep an eye on Facebook and Spond for details of each ride. This ride leaves from the High School.

Thursdays: An irregular ride on Thursday evenings to teach and learn the etiquette of group riding at speed. Details on Spond and Facebook.

Fridays: a ladies' daytime group ride (not strictly HCC) often runs in the lighter months. For further details please either use the Contact Us form or look for announcements on Spond. This ride is very popular and may split into two groups this year.

As always, please, please watch Spond and Facebook for details of individual rides. And if you're going on a ride and you don't mind others coming along, create an Event on Spond and let everyone know.

I will also update the Calendar with other local rides that members may wish to consider. There will be links to the appropriate websites, and please take any queries to the relevant organisers.