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Hadleigh CC 'Just Ride'
Go Ride Day 2024

Cycling fun for children at Hadleigh CC

The 2024 Go Ride day took place on the warmest weekend of the season so far and was a great success! Junior Club training sessions will take place weekly at the Community Primary School at 6:30pm on Tuesday nights. Children must be members to take part. To join, please click this link....

HCC Membership 2024

All non-renewals have now been deactivated and will shortly be deleted from our records. If you are one of those deactivated yet wish to remain a member, simply pay the invoice that was issued (and re-issued) earlier this year. If you can't find it, or wish to discuss your membership, please contact Tim via the website (you no longer have access to Spond). For those considering joining us, this is the link: Application

Hadleigh Women Pin Mill 2021.jpg

Rides and Events early 2024

Sundays: the Club's main social ride continues at 0900 (but sometimes earlier) each Sunday from The George Inn, High Street, Hadleigh. This ride is normally about 30 to 40 miles at a speed of approximately 15 mph, depending on the preferences of the ride leader and the capabilities of the group. Our rides are 'no-drop'. That means you won't be left behind (unless you choose to be), but the group may split into smaller groups of different speeds if that makes it easier to handle.

Please don't worry about what bike you ride, or being 'too slow'. We will always make sure you're not left behind and that you are supported - we want you to come back next time, and to get better as you ride with us!

It is often the case that faster riders will add some miles before or after the main ride to achieve their distance targets. Please, if you intend to do this, share that via Spond or Facebook so that others may join you.

Fridays: a ladies' daytime group ride (not strictly HCC) continues. For further details please either use the Contact Us form or look for announcements on Spond. This ride is very popular and may split into two groups on occasion.

As always, please, please watch Spond and Facebook for details of individual rides. And if you're going on a ride and you don't mind others coming along, create an Event on Spond and let everyone know.

I will also try to update the Calendar with other local rides that members may wish to consider. There will be links to the appropriate websites, and please take any queries to the relevant organisers.

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