Hadleigh CC 'Just Ride'

Women and cycling

Gale Pryor is re-starting the Wednesday Ladies' Ride from 26th May. It begins at 6pm from the High School, and is a gentle ride of 1 - 1.5 hours at the pace of the slowest rider. For more info, contact Gale on 07811 435883.


For more info on what HCC are currently doing for women cyclists, please see our Women's Page.


September 12th. Shhhhh......

Covid Restrictions

 Currently, we are no longer required to 'stay local' and group rides of up to 15 riders may take place. However, off the bike the limitation will be 6 people meeting outdoors (the 'rule of 6'), and it may be that this determines how we organise our club rides when they return (we held our first post-lockdown club ride on 4th April!).

With that in mind, please do make full use of the local routes we have developed. With only slight co-operation from the weather(!), there's still plenty of opportunity to get out there and ride, without going far from home. Please see our Family Routes and Club and Local Routes pages for suggestions.


Cycling Working Group

HCC is also involved in some initiatives to improve provision for utility cycling in the town. We are hoping to identify safe routes from residential areas to the business, shopping, school and leisure areas of the town, and new cycle parking facilities have now been installed in several places in the centre of town. Hadleigh Town Council has recently agreed to promote these aims to Suffolk County Council in an effort to achieve Tranche 2 funding from the Government's Cycling and Walking Initiative. See our new Cycling Working Group page for more information.